Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Created using pioneering technology and inspired by nature

Our artificial grass installations provide an extremely durable and low maintenance summer lawn all year round. We are an approved installer of Nam Grass, who offer a vast array of beautiful and natural looking grasses to suit your needs and budget.

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£21.99 pr m2 / 27.00mm Grass Pile Height

Like your grass to be a lighter shade of green? This option’s for you. The fibres are soft and hardwearing, but offer a lighter colour option that’s also easy on your budget.


£23.99 pr m2 / 45.00mm Grass Pile Height

New for 2017 With a unique luxuriously long pile height and open structure, Breeze allows the natural-toned fibres to be slightly more prominent – just like the real thing!


£24.99 pr m2 /16.00mm Grass Pile Height

Clever densely curled 16mm fibres mimic the effect of a well-kept sports ground. Made for golf putting and all types of ball sport, so it’s a must-have for schools.


£26.99 pr m2 /29.00mm Grass Pile Height

Pinch yourself because it looks so real. Thanks to its fine curly fibres, it gives you an uncanny natural look for lawns, landscapes and schools or even pampered pets.

Eclipse 2017

£28.99 pr m2 / 30.00mm Grass Pile Height

If you love the natural bounce from walking on a well-kept lawn, this one’s for you. We’ve achieved this by using the latest technology to create a variety of soft curving fibres with a 30mm pile height.


£34.99 pr m2 / 37.00mm Grass Pile Height

This is luxury in a lawn. A sumptuous mix of highly advanced shaped yarns gives you the ultimate look and feel. Yet for all its lusciousness, it’s also super hardwearing.

Pro Putt

£39.00 pr m2 / 15.00mm Grass Pile Height

We looked at the finest golf greens in the world, then worked hard to replicate them. The result is Pro Putt. It behaves like a golf green thanks to its 100% nylon fibres, offering consistent speed (stint). But unlike a golf green, it’s designed to last without all that maintenance.