Driveways & Paving



Block paving

As approved contractors of both Brett and Tobermore, The Greatest Scapes are experts at installing all aspects of block paving. Whether you want concrete pavers, clay pavers or reclaimed pavers we can transform your drive into an attractive yet functional part of your property.

Unlike some other companies, our block paving installations are undertaken to a full, five year guaranteed specification, so as to provide you with a driveway that not only looks great but also stands the test of time.


Resin bound gravel

Our permeable resin bound driveways and paths provide excellent drainage properties. As well as being an accessible and smooth surface, this option provides an easily maintained and durable surface for years to come.


Our gravel driveways provide a reasonably low cost way to make your outside spaces more attractive and functional. We can provide a fantastic range of gravels in colours and styles to suit any driveway or landscaping project.


Attenuation cells, (also known as Storm Cells, Soakaway Modules, and Storm Crates) are the modern equivalent of a soakaway. They allow surface water to be stored in one location and gradually released back to the ground, a bit at a time, at a pace the ground can handle, rather than in one sudden deluge, as happens during a storm or downpour. In effect, the transfer of water from the surface to the ground is attenuated, is slowed down and stretched out over a longer period.

If you dump 1,000 litres of water onto a patch of ground in one go, unless you’re on sand or gravel, it’s unlikely the ground will be able to absorb all that water instantly: attenuation cells work by taking all the water as fast as it’s delivered, returning what it can to the ground as quickly as possible, but storing the surplus until the ground is ready and able to absorb it.

Attenuation cells are specially manufactured, modular cells that provide lots of space (void space, as it’s termed) within a cheap, lightweight structure that is capable of supporting quite significant loads when buried. Some cells can be placed beneath pavements and are strong enough to carry both foot and low-speed vehicular traffic.

As part of a full drainage system, a soak-away will provide an effective and low environmental- impact solution to surface water run-off.

Over recent years in Britain there has been a change in the rules and regulations that cover drainage. Soak-aways are the most popular form of SUDS (Sustainable drainage systems) when used in conjunction with paving. Soak-aways function by gradually returning the surface water back to the environment. With the use of load bearing attenuation cells (storm cells or storm crates), we can install a soak-away directly underneath your drive or lawn.



Natural stone paving

We offer a wide range of natural stone products from stone setts, stone flagstones and paving to transform your space. By choosing The Greatest Scapes to install your natural stone paving, you will not only have a great looking garden that adds value to your property, but more importantly, that is built to last and constructed using only the very best stone available to suit your design, taste and budget.

Porcelain paving

As the next ‘big thing’ in paving, this option provides a strong and hardwearing surface that is easily maintained, as well as being resistant to temperature changes and damage from mould and moss etc.
Each individual porcelain paver is unique in texture and colour, and will continue to age with character over time to suit your outdoor space.

Concrete paving

Concrete pavers are a practical and attractive alternative to natural stone. We can offer a wide variety of pavers to suit all budgets and taste.