Fencing & Decking



Panel & post

Panel and post fencing is one of the most common types of fencing as well as being the quickest and easiest to install. You can choose from concrete or timber posts; while concrete posts are often not considered as pretty as timber ones, they will last a lot longer as they will not rot in the ground, and if the panels are treated regularly they can last for many years to come.

Closed board (feather edge)

Closed board fencing is popular in the residential market, mainly due to it’s attractive nature and extensive life expectancy. It is made up of just a few components making it relatively quick and simple to put up and due to it’s versatile nature, is perfect for a troublesome sloping garden. This option of fencing is perfect for creating privacy and boundaries, and is therefore, most commonly used in the rear of a property.

Hit & miss

Hit and miss fencing offers an attractive alternative to traditional solid panel fencing. As the name suggests, alternate boards are missed out to allow wind to pass through the fence more easily, making this type of fencing especially durable during the windy winter months.

Post & rail

Post and rail fencing combines a robust and traditional style with a rustic and natural countryside feel. It is a strong and fairly cost effective style of fencing which can serve as a perimeter enclosure to long stretches of property whilst allowing a lovely open view of the area.


A trellis can increase the functionality and privacy of your outdoor space by offering an attractive and less imposing alternative to a solid fence, as well as being an ideal structure for your climbing plants to grow up.

Timber gates

We can source a wide range of beautiful hardwood and softwood timber gates to suit all needs and specifications. We also pride ourselves on creating bespoke and beautiful made to measure softwood timber gates using time proven traditional methods. If you have a design in mind then please let us know and we can customise the design to suit your own individual needs without difficulty.




Softwood decking is undoubtedly a cheaper and more economical decking solution in the short term, but it does have an infinite life span of 10 to 15 years, so if you are looking for a long term solution then it may be worth considering composite or hardwood decking.


Decking is a great way to make practical use of slopes in gardens by creating different levels and steps and it also works well when used to create steps and pathways. As its name suggests, hardwood decking is very durable and, if well maintained, can last for many years.


Composite decking has become popular in the last few years largely due to the fact it is fairly low maintenance in comparison to wooden decking, with no staining, sealing or painting required. This type of decking has come a long way since it was first manufactured and popularised, with the newer varieties much less likely to fade, stain and breed mould and mildew, as well as being available in wide range of colours to suit all needs and specifications.