South Farm

Contemporary driveway in Leamington Spa


We were tasked to design and install a practical new driveway which added appeal to the front of the home.

Key Features

Tobermore block paving, Tobermore sett detail, Attenuation cells, ACO Drainage and KL Kerbs.

Before and after

We were met with a tired driveway and dilapidated front wall which needed our attention. We set about installing high quality Tobermore Sienna block paving with a silveredging sett and charcoal kerbs to clearly define the boundaries of the driveway and accentuate the planting space around it.

We also installed drainage channels to comply with SuDS regulations and weatherproof our client’s brand new front driveway to give it an extra long life.

Why they chose us?

Seeing our work on nearby properties, the client contacted us to find out if we could help. Andy visited them to discuss their requirements and talk through potential layouts and material options, before following up with a detailed design and quote.

As Tobermore approved paving installers, they knew we were capable of providing only the finest
materials and craftsmanship to give them the driveway they were looking for.

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