Landscaping Services


Artificial grass

Created using pioneering technology and inspired by nature, our artificial grass installations provide an extremely durable and low maintenance summer lawn all year round. We are an approved installer of Nam Grass, who offer a vast array of beautiful and natural looking grasses to suit your needs and budget.
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Excavation & groundwork

There is little point spending time and money on beautiful products for your garden if you are going to scrimp and cut corners on essential groundworks. To excavate properly and lay sound foundations will safeguard the reliability and durability of your garden project, so start as you mean to go on by ensuring that you have the very best of everything in place. We at The Greatest Scapes have the experience, equipment and product knowledge to solve all of your groundwork and excavation needs, and we are just a phone call or email away!

Retaining walls

A retaining wall can add architectural depth and interest to an otherwise flat space, or create that much needed area for seating or planting in a sloped garden. Retaining walls can be built using a vast range of materials such as bricks and mortar, sleepers and gabions. As well as being functional, they can also be made to look great and define areas within the garden.


Laying a lawn from turf is a quick and relatively easy way to get an instant lawn without the time, commitment and hassle of planting from seed. We can source top quality turf from several local suppliers to suit any requirement.

Drainage & soak-aways

Attenuation cells, (also known as Storm Cells, Soakaway Modules, and Storm Crates) are the modern equivalent of a soakaway. They allow surface water to be stored in one location and gradually released back to the ground, a bit at a time, at a pace the ground can handle, rather than in one sudden deluge, as happens during a storm or downpour. In effect, the transfer of water from the surface to the ground is attenuated, is slowed down and stretched out over a longer period.

If you dump 1,000 litres of water onto a patch of ground in one go, unless you’re on sand or gravel, it’s unlikely the ground will be able to absorb all that water instantly: attenuation cells work by taking all the water as fast as it’s delivered, returning what it can to the ground as quickly as possible, but storing the surplus until the ground is ready and able to absorb it.

Attenuation cells are specially manufactured, modular cells that provide lots of space (void space, as it’s termed) within a cheap, lightweight structure that is capable of supporting quite significant loads when buried. Some cells can be placed beneath pavements and are strong enough to carry both foot and low-speed vehicular traffic.

As part of a full drainage system, a soak-away will provide an effective and low environmental- impact solution to surface water run-off.

Over recent years in Britain there has been a change in the rules and regulations that cover drainage. Soak-aways are the most popular form of SUDS (Sustainable drainage systems) when used in conjunction with paving. Soak-aways function by gradually returning the surface water back to the environment. With the use of load bearing attenuation cells (storm cells or storm crates), we can install a soak-away directly underneath your drive or lawn.


Garden clearance

Clearing an overgrown and out of control garden space can be a daunting task, so why not call us and we can do that and remove all waste for you. We have the experience and equipment needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently, with as little impact as possible to you and your home.


Hedging provides a reasonably cheap and easy way to add attractive boarders and boundaries to your property and garden. Included in the many advantages of choosing a hedge are those to the environment. Dense, sound absorbing hedges are known to also absorb air pollution, and of course our garden hedges feed and house many small birds and lots of other wildlife, who will in turn help to keep garden pests at bay and help keep our beautiful green spaces thriving.

We can supply instant clipped hedging, supplied at a variety of heights in 1m troughs which provide an instantly beautiful hedge in half the time. If budget is an issue, we can also supply rootball plants during the winter months – Rootballs are large, heavy and mature plants which are grown in fields, instead of pots, and are therefore fantastic value for money.



We realise that choosing the right plants for you and your garden, as well as where to plant them, can be a daunting prospect if you have little or no experience. We can source a wide variety of beautiful plants to add the finishing touches to your garden.